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Are you READY for some....Game Day Inspiration!?!

Are you READY for some....Game Day Inspiration!?!

It’s GAME TIME and the team here at Smock Candy is ready for all things fall. We’re here to help you show your team spirit… whether it’s finding the perfect accessories, game day snacks or dressing to impress we have you covered. 
Jellybean by Smock Candy has the sweetest Pleat Dress in your teams colors.

Show Your Team Spirit

Let’s start with accessories. From headbands to game day glitter, we can help you incorporate team colors into your look. 
We know that your little girl has an eye for sparkly and fun fashion, so we have the perfect thing to sparkle up her day. Game Day Face Glitter, perfect for her age group (and maybe even yours too!) It is made of safe, non toxic materials so you WIN as a mom!

BYOS AKA “Bring Your Own Snack”

Next up is snacks. It’s finally tailgating time and nothing says game day like a classic plate of nachos, chips and dip or a hot bowl of chili.  Smock Candy team member Kami has just the recipe for a quick game day snack that’s easy to make!
1. Arrange the brown colored snacks into a football shape in the middle of the board. Line up the crackers as the center of the football, using a few crackers on either end to hold them in place. Then arrange the pretzels on either side of the crackers, the almonds on the outer sides of the pretzels, the sesame sticks on the outer side of the almonds, and the figs on the outer sides of the sesame sticks.
2. Cut the mozzarella into 1-7 inch and 5-2 inch pieces. Place the cheese to look like the white laces on top of the football.
3. Put dips and dressings in small bowls to place on the board or the side. 
4. Fill the remaining space around the football shape with the green snacks.
Kami with football snack board
This recipe was inspired from the Football Board
from the book Beautiful Boards by Maegan Brown.

Tailgating Activities

It’s 10 am and it’s time to tailgate… We polled our team and survey says… CORNHOLE for the win. It’s a great game that can be enjoyed by players of all ages and skill levels. It’s a perfect way to improve your hand-eye coordination while having fun with family and friends. (Still winning as MOM = fun while learning!) So get out there, practice your throws, and see how far you can take your Cornhole game!

Game Day From Head to Toe

And last but not certainly not least, our selection of game day apparel. Whether you’re looking for t-shirts, sweaters, shorts or shoes we have a carry of options that show your school spirit - see your To-Do list just got smaller! 
Purple & Gold Belle Cher
Let Smock Candy help you bring a little bit of team spirit into your life - from head-to-toe, we’re here to make sure you look and feel your best on game day!
Go Team Go!
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